Tuesday, June 11, 2013

3.PGD at Ft. Tabor (Batch 1)

Our D-Day event at Ft. Taber (June 7-9, 2013) centered a public display around a Festungskommandantur with a Frontleitstelle, based on a generic fortress somewhere near Normandy.
A Festungskommandantur is the fortress command/headquarters. A Frontleitstelle is a front forwarding station where soldiers returning from leave, hospital, etc. would check-in and stay until the exact location of the unit they were returning to could be ascertained. 3.PGD filled the role of soldaten stationed near Normandy before the invasion, as occupying troops, with all the "comforts" that status affords. 

The majestic setting of Ft. Taber really allowed this impression to flourish. The day before the event, remains of a tropical storm hit the New England coast line. This was a perfect replication of the weather right before D-Day in 1944. We could not have asked for a better reenacting gift. Below are the first batch of our photos from this amazing event. Flooding, and our attempts to dry out, can clearly be seen. More 3.PGD photos from this event will be posted in the near future.

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