Tuesday, April 16, 2013


On 13 April 3.PGD was deployed for an overnight training event.  We spent the weekend in this wonderful shed, and the surrounding sectors.

Along with rifle drill, squad movement, K98 target practice (live fire), a multi-objective terrain reconnaissance mission, our Spiess tasked the squad with a unique objective; create an alarmanlage (alarm system) to give advance warning of an enemy incursion.  We were given the below period document and told to replicate it exactly.        

Using empty broth cans, building stakes from scrap wood, making holes in the cans, hammering stakes into the ground, we began to connect the entire network of cans.  Our Spiess is a wise man.  We were all skeptical as to how effective this so-called “warning system” would be.  Once it was done, we were all bewildered at the staggering effectiveness of such a simple device.  

Soldat Kaminsky chops woods down to usable stake size.
Graf hammers holes into cans for string.
Two Soldaten scrutinize the blueprints.
The men work on the center piece of the entire system.
Close up of one of the cans, now transformed into a potent alarm.

Spiess yells to the troops to hurry up!  Abendessen is almost ready!
Close up of the double-can configuration, which makes the alarm all the more effective. 
More photos from other aspects of the event will be posted on our Facebook page in the near future.  (The owner of the page is now on National Guard duty in Boston resulting from the Marathon bombings).  

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