Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Odessa, NY Tactical 2012

Images from the annual Western Front tactical held on a majestic and expansive parcel of farmland in upstate New York. This year 3. Panzergrenadier Division portrayed a mix of combat, headquarters, and observation  personnel. As always we lived without the comforts of home while experiencing the lives of common Wehrmacht ground troops in 1944. 

Morning on the Italien Front, fog settling in the rolling hillside

Gefr. Heider riding out to distribute early dispatches

A small observation party moving out

Taking ranges to various landmarks and tactical positions

Uffz. Kaminsky confirms observations with maps of the area

Observing the entire horizon

Gefreiten Stahl and Heider take over the observation position

Preparing to retire from the field

Feldwebel Clauss leads the observation party across an exposed field

Taking cover from aerial reconnaissance

A farmhouse is hit by an enemy air raid

The beautiful, and deadly, wind-swept fields of Italy

Veterans of III/Grenadier-Regiment (mot.) 8 pose for a picture

Feldwebel Clauss and his Krad at the end of the day

Our relatively comfortable headquarters removed from the nearby front lines

Sun sets over the field

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