Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fort Taber Public Display, June 2012

The following photos depict a Second World War-themed public display held at Fort Taber in New Bedford, MA. Fort Taber is a mid-19th century era coastal fortification featuring a large main fortress and several outlying disused gun casemates. 3PGD participated as part of an annual living history weekend featuring American, British, and German reenactor displays and a public battle.

Hauptfeldwebel Tietze oversees the operations at Kompanie Hauptquartier

A typical Zeltbahn display

The weapons of the Papierkrieg

Don L. prepares his rations on an esbit stove

Gefreiter Graf prepares for morning inspection

Hauptquartier staff updating Kompanie paperwork and records

A simple Zeltlager inside the fort's walls

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