Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dudley, MA Immersion Event

For this event the unit recreated a quiet weekend along the Rhine estuary, defending a suburb of Koln during March 1945. Our primary goals included the construction of semi-permanent field positions, a field communications network, establishing a Vorpost (listening station), and a functional headquarters for the depleted Kompanie. This event was another unit-only immersion scenario where no tactical takes place and members get to experience the minutia of living in the Wehrmacht during the latter stages of the war.

Additional images are available at unit member Sean O'Brien's personal webpage:!i=1753613121&k=h56FpjP

Feldwebel Clauss and Hauptfeldwebel Tietze return from a Krad patrol bearing a box of captured supplies.

Beginning construction of a shallow trench connecting the machine gun position with the observation/communications position

Grenadier "Ox" picking through the rocky earth

A view from inside the completed machine gun position, also visible are the flare gun and spare barrel carrier

Digging ever deeper sections of trench, a building in the background has been hit by an enemy shell

Gefreiter Kramarz communicating with headquarters

The machine gun squad departs on patrol from its home in the barn (background)

The patrol skirts the Rhine estuary on foot

A section of trench seen from inside the machine gun position

Grenadier Baumann poses by the completed machine gun position overlooking the river

Gefreiter Graf rests after manning his Vorpost

Grenadier Adler standing by with his MG42