Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Haydenville Ostfront, 2011

A simple Zeltstead somewhere along the Russian front

Our old friend says "guten Tag!" 

The Gruppe advancing through dense forest

A lone Grenadier observes a vast, wooded expanse

The Gruppe at rest along a contested supply route

Uffz. Kaminsky in command of the Gruppe
Images taken during the annual Eastern Front tactical held in Haydenville, MA. One of the rare occasions in which we fight Germany's most-deadly wartime foe: The Soviet Red Army.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Collings Foundation WWII Weekend, 2011

Images from the annual Collings Foundation World War II weekend in Stow, MA. The foundation puts on a public display and scripted battles for public viewing every October in the scenic backdrop of Central Massachusetts. The event is held on the Foundation's private grass airfield facility. Soldiers never fought on more well-maintained grass.

A one-man zeltstead

Assembled for orders and drill

Gefr. Stahl's field office, serving paperwork for the Zug

der Papierkrieg

Feldwebel Clauss' Zundapp KS750

Feldwebel Krause moving the men out

A busy field kitchen

Schwabe and Graf waiting to move into position

The German motorized section

Moving forward under cover of Flak 8,8cm guns