Thursday, September 22, 2011

Odessa 2011

Please enjoy these images from our recent participation in the Odessa, NY Western Front recreation held annually in upstate New York. This year 3. Panzergrenadier Division distinguished itself yet again by taking home the "Most Authentic Axis Unit" award!

Christian observing the enemy before surging forward

Oberleutnant Meier transports another officer on his motorcycle

Obergefreiter Schneider waiting for orders to advance

The 9. Kompanie encampment in a hedgerow

Battle-hardened veterans of 9. Kompanie

A motorcycle and Ford V3000S truck of the motorpool

Obergefreiter Heider in the morning fog

Oberleutnant Meier and Feldwebel Clauss repair the Commander's dispatch bike

Sunset behind the front lines