Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Natick, MA Public Display

This year 3PGD participated in a military vehicle rally and historical display on Lake Cochituate in Natick, MA. Public displays are a great opportunity to interact with the public and give spectators a "first hand" look at history. 3PGD presented some of our motorpool, weapons/equipment, and various smaller vignettes illustrating the lives of the German mechanized infantryman 1943-45. The event was such a hit that MetroWest Daily News featured an article including members of 3. Panzergrenadier Division:


Unteroffizier Stahl updating unit paperwork in the Kompanie office

Ladies love the Zeltbahn

Unteroffizier Speiser, Kompanie Feldkuch, explains the finer points of cleaning the field kitchen

Truck 2 makes for an even more scenic vignette

Feldwebel Clauss discusses the MG-34 anti-aircraft configuration

Part of the expansive paperwork display

The weapons of the Papierkrieg (Paper War)

Posing for Soldbuch photos

Another view of the Kompanie office

This weekend's authentic field kitchen meal: Noodles with Leeks and Celery

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