Monday, June 27, 2011

Dudley, MA Training & Immersion Event

For this 3PGD-only event we recreated the unit as it would have existed while refitting in a quiet area away from the front. Activities included infantry training, hiking, truck rides, and other day-to-day tasks which enhance the living history experience.

Exploring a small stream while on patrol

The Zug (Platoon)'s encampment with motorpool

Another scene from the encampment...a safe distance from the front line

Exploring the woods

Obergrefreiter Wolfe receiving his daily ration from the field kitchen

Obergefreiter Swirtun in the early morning light

Obergrefreiter Heider explores the terrain

Relaxing after the patrol

Gefreiter Kramarz preparing for a motorized patrol

The proud men of 9. Kompanie enjoy a rest after weeks at the front

The Kompanie office rarely takes a break from the "Papierkrieg"

Hauptfeldwebel Tietze and Unteroffizier Stahl update individual paperwork and Kompanie records