Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Waterbury, CT Work Party - April, 2011

One of the primary unit goals for 2011 is the maintenance and restoration of our Post-war era field kitchen. We use this field kitchen at almost every event (see: http://www.3pgd.com/3pgdwebsite_015.htm).

It is a cornerstone of our unit impression and a rallying point for our members. After four years of frequent use, the unit is in need of an overhaul including: full cleaning, painting, heating fluid (glycol) replacement, and other standard wear-and-tear restoration. We recently conducted a very productive work party at the unit machine shop in Waterbury, CT.

View of the fireboxes

Underside of the field kitchen showing the suspension and chassis

Three cooking cauldrons removed for cleaning 

Scrubbing the main cauldron

Removing the main cauldron

Field ktichen with cauldron units removed

Internal cradle for the main cauldron...60 years of use has left its mark

Accessory/Ingredient rack removed for cleaning

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