Thursday, March 31, 2011

Newville 2011

For this event 3PGD again partnered with Der Erste Zug (a like-minded Heer unit out of the Mid-Atlantic) at the Great War Society's trenchline property in Newville, PA. We lived and fought in bunkers and trenches for the weekend and lived on only what we could carry as we marched to the front!

Issuing rations before taking to patrolling the battlefield

Our Kameraden from Der Erste Zug advancing on enemy pillboxes

Obergefreiter Muller communicating with the left-hand Gruppe

Gefreiter Graf observes the artillery bombardment across No Man's Land

Muller and Graf preparing for the order to attack

Preparing for a meager meal at the frozen front

Obergefreiter Muller making the best of the available rations

A view of No Man's Land from a casemate

A section of disused trench along the Gothic Line

An austere vignette from the Northern Italian Front

Grenadier Snoopy patrolling a communication trench