Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Personal Items Issues for FIG 2011

We made these sets of personal items to be issued to our membership prior to the annual Fort Indiantown Gap barracks event. The cost of each set was $15 and all components were purchased at regular department stores (except the toothbrushes). Purchasing a similar issue from reenacting vendors could easily cost between $60-90 with a dealer's mark-up.

Contents of an individual issue: 1 hand towel, 1 bar of unscented soap, one spool of thread, one thimble, one packaged toothbrush, one pencil, 5 sheets of paper, one Feldpost stationary piece, one package of sewing needles, one package of safety pins, two packages of shaving razor blades

Another view of an individual issue's contents showing the unpackaged toothbrush and depot-marked towel

11 requisitioned issues ready for disbursement

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