Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fort Indiantown Gap Barracks Event, 2011 - Part I

The following images chronicle the annual Fort Indiantown Gap Barracks event where we recreate an authentic Wehrmacht barracks for nearly a week. Our activities are diverse and include: training, combat missions, authentic cooking, and various other military tasks...not to mention a great deal of Kameradschaft and trips to the local French cafe!

Erste Gruppe, preparing to escort the Battalion command staff on a 20 mile reconnaissance mission

One of our authentic, researched recipes prepared in the field kitchen: lentils with meatballs 

The Kompanie Feldpost and auxillary administrative desk

Another authentic recipe: Gaisburger March

This meal was prepared as our entry into a field kitchen cookoff with the venerable GrossDeutschland Division reenactors, and...

YES, WE WON...the coveted Golden Messtin went to the winners of the first annual Wehrmacht cookoff!

Grenadier Bybel prepares his equipment for an inspection

A scene from our reconnaissance mission

Feldwebel Clauss serving as Kradmelder, riding his original Zundapp KS750

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