Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Haydenville Ostfront, 2011

A simple Zeltstead somewhere along the Russian front

Our old friend says "guten Tag!" 

The Gruppe advancing through dense forest

A lone Grenadier observes a vast, wooded expanse

The Gruppe at rest along a contested supply route

Uffz. Kaminsky in command of the Gruppe
Images taken during the annual Eastern Front tactical held in Haydenville, MA. One of the rare occasions in which we fight Germany's most-deadly wartime foe: The Soviet Red Army.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Collings Foundation WWII Weekend, 2011

Images from the annual Collings Foundation World War II weekend in Stow, MA. The foundation puts on a public display and scripted battles for public viewing every October in the scenic backdrop of Central Massachusetts. The event is held on the Foundation's private grass airfield facility. Soldiers never fought on more well-maintained grass.

A one-man zeltstead

Assembled for orders and drill

Gefr. Stahl's field office, serving paperwork for the Zug

der Papierkrieg

Feldwebel Clauss' Zundapp KS750

Feldwebel Krause moving the men out

A busy field kitchen

Schwabe and Graf waiting to move into position

The German motorized section

Moving forward under cover of Flak 8,8cm guns

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Odessa 2011

Please enjoy these images from our recent participation in the Odessa, NY Western Front recreation held annually in upstate New York. This year 3. Panzergrenadier Division distinguished itself yet again by taking home the "Most Authentic Axis Unit" award!

Christian observing the enemy before surging forward

Oberleutnant Meier transports another officer on his motorcycle

Obergefreiter Schneider waiting for orders to advance

The 9. Kompanie encampment in a hedgerow

Battle-hardened veterans of 9. Kompanie

A motorcycle and Ford V3000S truck of the motorpool

Obergefreiter Heider in the morning fog

Oberleutnant Meier and Feldwebel Clauss repair the Commander's dispatch bike

Sunset behind the front lines

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Natick, MA Public Display

This year 3PGD participated in a military vehicle rally and historical display on Lake Cochituate in Natick, MA. Public displays are a great opportunity to interact with the public and give spectators a "first hand" look at history. 3PGD presented some of our motorpool, weapons/equipment, and various smaller vignettes illustrating the lives of the German mechanized infantryman 1943-45. The event was such a hit that MetroWest Daily News featured an article including members of 3. Panzergrenadier Division:

Unteroffizier Stahl updating unit paperwork in the Kompanie office

Ladies love the Zeltbahn

Unteroffizier Speiser, Kompanie Feldkuch, explains the finer points of cleaning the field kitchen

Truck 2 makes for an even more scenic vignette

Feldwebel Clauss discusses the MG-34 anti-aircraft configuration

Part of the expansive paperwork display

The weapons of the Papierkrieg (Paper War)

Posing for Soldbuch photos

Another view of the Kompanie office

This weekend's authentic field kitchen meal: Noodles with Leeks and Celery

Monday, June 27, 2011

Dudley, MA Training & Immersion Event

For this 3PGD-only event we recreated the unit as it would have existed while refitting in a quiet area away from the front. Activities included infantry training, hiking, truck rides, and other day-to-day tasks which enhance the living history experience.

Exploring a small stream while on patrol

The Zug (Platoon)'s encampment with motorpool

Another scene from the encampment...a safe distance from the front line

Exploring the woods

Obergrefreiter Wolfe receiving his daily ration from the field kitchen

Obergefreiter Swirtun in the early morning light

Obergrefreiter Heider explores the terrain

Relaxing after the patrol

Gefreiter Kramarz preparing for a motorized patrol

The proud men of 9. Kompanie enjoy a rest after weeks at the front

The Kompanie office rarely takes a break from the "Papierkrieg"

Hauptfeldwebel Tietze and Unteroffizier Stahl update individual paperwork and Kompanie records

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Waterbury, CT Work Party - April, 2011

One of the primary unit goals for 2011 is the maintenance and restoration of our Post-war era field kitchen. We use this field kitchen at almost every event (see:

It is a cornerstone of our unit impression and a rallying point for our members. After four years of frequent use, the unit is in need of an overhaul including: full cleaning, painting, heating fluid (glycol) replacement, and other standard wear-and-tear restoration. We recently conducted a very productive work party at the unit machine shop in Waterbury, CT.

View of the fireboxes

Underside of the field kitchen showing the suspension and chassis

Three cooking cauldrons removed for cleaning 

Scrubbing the main cauldron

Removing the main cauldron

Field ktichen with cauldron units removed

Internal cradle for the main cauldron...60 years of use has left its mark

Accessory/Ingredient rack removed for cleaning