Thursday, October 21, 2010

Collings Foundation WWII Weekend

We attend the annual WWII Weekend at the Collings Foundation in Stow, MA. The weekend is both a public display and public battle...this year the unit rolled out the majority of our equipment, weapons, and vehicles.

A scene from one of the public battles...chalk one up for the Wehrmacht

Part of the unit motorcycle section: Zundapp KS750 (Original) & BMW R71 (Replica)

Two of the unit's Ford V3000S troop carriers

Feldw. Clauss explaining the finer points of the Pak38

The fighting clerk: Uffz. Stahl completing paperwork prior to one of the public battles

One of our informational signs detailing the original-recipes we prepare on our field kitchen

Hungry kids learning about wartime rations

Franz and Wilhelm taking a break from the public

Fiesler Storch observation plane (owned by the Collings Foundation)

Willi Graf keeping an eye on the squad tent

Ford V3000S and Sturmgeschutz III (owned by the 9th SS Hohenstaufen) on the attack 

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